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Sharpening & Grinding Cutters

Read up a bit on cutting theory first.

sharpening single tooth cutters

lathe_bits - how to grind lathe bits
shaper_bits - how to grind shaper bits

sharpening multiple tooth cutters

It is quite easy to sharpen files by electrolisis. I find
resharpened files cut better and give a better finish than new ones. I do
mine in 4% sulphuric acid. It can be done with mixes of nitric and
Hydrocloric or nitric and sulphuric, but these require much stronger acid
concentrations. You need a container as deep as your longest file and at
least 1"to 2" bigger in diameter. Rig a clamp to support the file in the
center, it will be connected to the positive. For the negative, I use a coil
of 1/16" copper wire with about 1/2" space between the coils. It needs to be
1/2" to 1 1/2" biger than the widest file. I use a 6 volt 2 amp battery
charger for small files and switch to the 12 volt setting for large files.
Before starting clean the files thoroughly with a wire brush and if
neccessary with hot water and caustic soda. Small fine files take about 5 to
10 minutes. Coarse file like the millenicut or dreadnaught files will take 2 to 3 hours. After etching rinse well in hot water and dry.
A litle WD 40 or light oil will prevent rusting, as clean etched files will
start to rust very quickly.
You can feel when a file is sharp with your finger. Have fun.


bandsaw blades
straight milling cutters
straight reamers
helical cutters and end mills

dressing grinding stones

flattening a wet stone with sandpaper and a piece of plate glass
star washer dressers
single point dressers (diamond points, carbide points)

honing cutters

honing oil (usually kerosene or ATF)
arkansas stones
synthetic stones
diamond hones

*1 Colin Johnson

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