Notice! I am dismantling this page bit by bit as its pieces are re-created elsewhere, so it is incomplete. See the Index instead. Think of this page as a "todo list" since whatever remains here is what hasn't been written up yet elsewhere. Also see the official ToDo list.
Here are some things I would like to see in an updated version
(please add to this list - it can't ever get too big!)
foundry hydrodynamic whitworth bootstrap import_tools big_lathe CNC hexapod

Cast Iron techniques, cupola design, practical iron metallurgy

The foundations of mechanical accuracy

  • Wayne Moore style, but more concise
    • would anyone like to loan me a copy of this book? -fenn
  • whitworth method for straightedge, surface_plates
    • what is the difference between flatness and smoothness
    • recipes for marking dye
  • The Do's and Don't of hand scraping and Flaking.
    • shortcut - take a piece of plate glass, set up an "arm" over it with a toolbit at adjustable height, slide piece around underneath arm so tool bit scrapes away at high spots. tool should be negative rake to prevent digging in, but can have very high clearance since we're not really pushing it hard. Is this a Do or a Don't?

theory of hydrodynamic bearings

  • how oil works
  • how moly works


  • tool angles
    • knife edge tool (positive rake) and other shearing action tools
    • roughing tool (negative rake) and forming tools
  • proper sharpening techniques


  • rigidity & geometry for compressive loading
  • viscous damping in plain slides
  • kinematic coupling of large masses

concrete filled steel construction

sources for supplies, homebrew workarounds, scrap yard stories

how to build a little lathe to bootstrap the big lathe

  • be able to fabricate from common stock or cast lost foam
  • X braces on bed?
  • combo milling attachment/compound/radius cutter
  • proportions sized more for milling long slide ways
  • PushPull bolt and setscrew clamp configuration
  • dual headstock spindle & tailstock spindle for light duty large pieces or heavy duty small pieces. thinking 2.5 inch center height and 5 inch center height? - replace later with movable slides to act as a horizontal mill?
  • transforms into a traverse head shaper to build itself - hah, take that gingery lathe! *transformer sound effect*

how to throw together a quick n dirty surface_grinder (hmm do we really need this? why not just attach grinding spindle to bootstrap's toolpost in shaper mode)

how to build a vertical mill w/CNC

I'm more inclined to go with a hexapod design myself, so i'll leave development of this thread to the rest of you. Also check on the wecsom yahoo group from time to time to see if charles is making any progress.
requested features

  • square column or at least double round column
  • building a decent driver board from scratch (come on it cant be that hard really!)
    • stepper motor bus with up to 16 devices on one parallel port (16 motors, or 8 motors and 8 encoders, etc) uses 4-bit comparator, 4-bit latch for each module. anyone seen this circuit before? cant seem to find it again
  • free CAD/CAM/CNC software recommendations

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