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I guess i should have called this page "Tool" but that is less descriptive of what I am interested in and I'd have to change all the links. Oh well.

Machine Construction Techniques

design - the first step in manifesting your will into reality
patternmaking is, well, the second step
casting in all its various incarnations
foundations of mechanical accuracy, and how to use hand tools(?)
machining, for completeness' sake
And, pulling it all together:
How to pull yourself up by your bootstraps, and end up with a machine tool.

Machine Designs

The machines from Dave_Gingery's book series "Build your own metalworking shop from scrap"
Charcoal Foundry
Drill Press
Dividing head & accessories
Sheet Metal Brake
Other Dave_Gingery machines
Gas fired crucible furnace and other furnaces
Metal Cutting Bandsaw
Power Hacksaw
Add a new design using the machine_template page to get you started quickly.
Other similar philosophy machines
Westbury_LVM Light Vertical Mill
Urwick MetalMaster
Pat Delany's multimachine
Designs in progress on this wiki
homemade CNC designs
bootstrap machine
hexapod six-axis "geodesic" mill


Machine Usage

The best way to learn how to use a machine is to be shown by a well versed teacher. Often that's not practical, or the only teacher you can get is like the old saying, "Those that can do, those that can't teach". Then there are books, and now online education.

Usage Topics:
sharpening and grinding tool bits to the correct angles

Usage Links:
Virtual Machine Shop with a lessons library covering 40 topics and moirre under preparation.

Model Engineering Workshop Techniques by Chris Heapy

Hercus Textbook of Turning <- hey could someone upload this or put it somewhere I don't need to be a member of to access?


Always wear ANSI approved safety glasses! :)
Don't breathe Aluminum dust! It's toxic! And explosive! Wear at least an N95 dust mask and vacuum up after heavy grinding or sanding on aluminum!

Seriously though this section needs some attention.

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