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Gingery Lathe Parts List  

Tools required:

nameCost Estimate (USD)
aluminum casting equipment0-200
hacksaw with extra blades2-6
3/8" hand drill10-60
try square2-10
bench grinder5-50
could sub hand grinder HF15 on sale
files flat, small triangle
drill bits
taps sae 10-24, 1/4-20 , 3/8-16
wrench for bolts
allen wrench for socket head cap screws
screw driver for 10-24 screws

shop supplies  

blue oil paint for scraping
plastic wood or auto body putty for pattern fillets
popsicle sticks to smooth fillets
wood and plywood for patterns
wood and plywood for flasks
charcoal for furnace

steel stock for parts  

5/8 square keystock or CRS for lathe dog
1/2 x 3/8 shoulder bolt for bit holder
1/2 x 3/8 shoulder bolt for lead drive reducer pulley shaft
3/4 drill rod
5/8 drill rod
1/2 drill rod
3/8 threaded rod leadscrew
3/8 th rod, split nut threads, split nut core per casting
1/4-20 th rod cross feed, compound, tailstock ram feed screws
1/4 iron pipe leadscrew journals
1/4 square bar stock key stock or CRS for gibs
1/4 x 3/4 bar stock CRS for gib clamps
1/4/ x 1 bar stock CRS for gib clamps
1/4 x 2 bar stock all ways except main way
1/4 x 3 bar stock CRS main way bed length + pieces for fitting
angle iron for temporary head stock

motor and speed control  

electric motor
electric cord
electric on off switch
motor mounting bracket assy
step pulley idler and release lever assy
headstock step pulley
spindle pulley for lead screw drive
reducer pulley for leascrew drive
leadscrew pulley
round belt spindle to lead screw idler
round belt lead screw idler to lead screw
v belt motor to idler
v belt idler to spindle

other moving parts  

brass bushings for lead screw journals
brass bushing for spindle
1/4 shaft collars for feed screws
other shaft collars

temporary parts  

pillow blocks for temporary spindle

Lathe Bed Assembly  

QuantityPart NamePart DescriptionPage(s)Cost
1Bed Casting17-20
2Base Casting17-20, 27
1Bed Ways3.0"x 24.0"x0.25" cold rolled steel (1018?)25
2Ways Cap Screws3/8"-16x3/4" bolt26
1Headstock/Ways Stud3/8 in - 16 x 3.25 in threaded rod26
1Tailstock/Ways Stud3/8"-16x2.25" threaded rod26
6Flat Washers for 3/8"-16 threaded rod/screws26
6Lock Washers for 3/8"-16 threaded rod/screws26
43/8"-16 nuts26

Lathe Carriage Assembly  

QuantityPart NamePart DescriptionPage(s)Cost
1Carriage casting28
2Carriage Clamps1"x3"x0.25" CRS31
1Carriage Gib Strip0.25" square key stock30

Lathe Carriage Assembly  

QuantityPart DescriptionPicturePage(s)Cost
1Carriage Casting28

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