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Dave Gingery

Some info about Dave here, his philosophy, what he means to you, how you heard about his book series, and so on.

David J. Gingery was an ordinary guy with an extraordinary hobby. He liked to build machine tools from everyday trash. He then proceeded to write a book series about the process he went through in building his machines, including extremely detailed instructions and drawings that even a total beginner could understand. Most importantly, Dave provided the reassurance that you could do it. Dave would never say, "This part is really hard, so don't mess up." Instead, almost every chapter begins with "The ___ is a simple mechanism, and it is easily made with a few simple processes." He would encourage you not to despair at the apparent complexity of a design, and discouraged you from giving up halfway through. This attitude of caring for what the reader knows and is feeling is what sets Dave's writing apart from other machinist writers.

Lindsay books (Dave's publisher) has a few pages about him.

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