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regarding "stealing" of Dave_Gingery's ideas
fenn: I think that in all fairness I can also write a "ground up" book about machining. I think I have to, actually. This is my way of giving back to all the people on the internet who taught me so much about metalworking. I am not expecting to get paid anything for it, or to be rich and famous. I expect for this book to be even less popular than Dave's book series. In fact, I don't even think there's any money to be made in the amateur book publishing business at all. Hence, the creative_commons license, or whatever we end up deciding on.

Here are some Dave Gingery quotes for you fanatics:

"What is really needed is to put the whole matter into perspective so that apparent obstacles can be put aside and we can get on with the business at hand... If you don't want to do a project just write down the first dozen or so thoughts that come to your mind and you will have at least a half dozen good excuses. If that doesn't do the trick just toss the idea to the experts and they will usually be happy to kill it for you." Lindsaybks website

"In those early years...Knowledge was hard to gain because older skilled men witheld it to protect their own job. (ed: or social status)... We live in a better time and have much advantage." Book 6 p 151 Okay so that was kinda out of context but that's what I remembered it as before I looked it up.

"By now you have seen that the series is systematically exposing the simplicity of machine tools and metal working techniques. It has become a tradition to cloak these things in deep mystery. We're supposed to believe that the knowledge and skill that is required is so elusive that only a few special people can acquire it, and the rest of us must pay others to do this highly specialized work." shaper 138 Did he mean pay others to do metal working or pay others to acquire the knowledge?? ;)

"These comments by no means cover even a fraction of what you'll need to know, but you have the place to begin to learn. I urge you to read as many books as you can find on foundry work." crucible furnace 108. (Okay, so what's wrong about condensing thirty or forty outdated foundry books into one? Sure would free up a lot of time wasted on duplicate material.)

"Well, if you want to make chicken soup you'll have to buy a chicken. Or, lacking the necessary funds, you might steal one."

Nuff said.

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