First, you might wish to take a look at my resume.

Some Stuff I've Made


Societal Engineering Knowledge Database, a system to share designs, manufacturing processes, tools, resources, and explain how to use them in an automated fashion.

graphical representation of my "Guinea Pig C" lifelog data: blue is sleep, red internet, green food, yellow programming, etc

CAM algorithms - offseting polygons, a curve-length-parameterized spiral which prevents path planning queue overflow at the center, a stick font engraving program, based on the hershey fonts

a DIY "smart servo" with PID control running on an AVR in fixed-point, and printed optical encoder wheels, for controlling the CNC lathe

wrote the gait sequencing code for the tiptoes robot, which was a project with a friend in Australia


I helped build and test the Fiat Lux RGB laser projector. also, software.

tron-esque laser fence for my burning man village

videogame controller I built from a client's prototype parts in various stages of assembly. designed and fabricated circuitry for testing before mass manufacture in china.

stewart platform simulator I wrote for EMC2, the prototype "hextatic" still in its box, and an illustration for the Buckminster Fuller Challenge entry

some cad drawings showing one of the pulley housings for hextatic, and the semi-finished product. ideas for clanking replicators or just cheap machine tools: hexegrity and a laminated pancake motor design

Mini mendel RepRap 3D printer made at the Noisebridge and Hacker Dojo hacker spaces in May 2010.

As seen at Maker Faire 2010 in San Mateo.

This my first prototype and AFAIK the third mini mendel in existence. I will be significantly modifying the design to fix several bugs.

I made this metalworking lathe from scratch, using only a drill press, plate glass for a flat reference surface, and backyard foundry. It is in the process of being refitted with servo motors for CNC

me giving a demonstration of pouring aluminum into styrofoam "molds" which are vaporized and then burn off, leaving an arbitrarily shaped casting. also, a CNC foamcutter assembled from trash, and an art object it produced.

I helped build and maintain a community accessible woodworking/welding/electronics shop, and garden

I was teaching a series of workshops on AVR microcontroller programming for the IU robotics club, and we needed lots of chip programmers. So I made some, based on designs from and modified for easier toner transfer etching. A circuit board assembly line spontaneously formed when I brought in the spare parts one day!

papercraft with Blender, as an example of computer aided manufacturing that anyone can do


various sketches and so on

illustrations done in Inkscape for EMC2 of the basic machine types and interface cards